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"What I have learned is that love, the beauty of it, the joy of it and yes, even the pain of it, is the most incredible gift to give and to receive as a human being. And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise."

- Ellen Page (via ifeveryoureinmyarms)

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It’s Monday,
and your hair is messy.
You haphazardly put on your jeans and shirt
as you moan about the day of the week -
and I love you.

It’s Tuesday,
and you’re stumbling your way around the room,
trying to sort out the things you have to do.
You stop to briefly kiss the freckles on my nose,
asking me about my day -
and I love you.

It’s Wednesday,
and you’re quietly sprawled on the couch.
You pat the spot next to you and pepper kisses on my hair
because it’s my least favorite day of the week (and you know it) -
and I love you.

It’s Thursday,
and you’re wondering what the weekend will bring,
but you’re still moaning about how
the week is going by too slow for your tastes -
and I love you.

It’s Friday,
and I’m surrounded by DVDs and snacks
you’ve prepared when I was gone.
You welcome me with blankets and warmth from your arms -
and I love you.

It’s Saturday,
and you’re feeling lazy.
You won’t let me leave your arms
(or is it the other way around?)
So you tuck me under your chin as we both wonder
how much time we have left
before sleep makes us miss each other’s faces -
and I love you.

It’s Sunday,
and there’s nothing much to say but
I love you.


-   (via degenerate69)

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"I love you, that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what."

-  Claudia Gray, Hourglass (via a-thousand-words)

(via ellosteph)

If you were my girlfriend...


I’d show you what its like to be loved.

I’d show you what it’s like to feel like a queen.

I’ll tell everyone you’re mine.

I’ll do little things for you, like leave you a good morning text to wake up to, and a good night phone call to show you you’re the last thought going through my mind.

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If straight girls can have girl crushes then lesbians can have man crushes okay so stop with the “I thought you were a lesbian” bullshit


"And I can’t
but to run my fingers
down your spine
like you are my
book. But I still
cannot read you,
you are
your own language.
Your pages are
tired and torn,
but I want you,
I want it all."

- (via tragoumestrago)

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we are already knuckle deep in the tension
our parents tried to warn us away from.
their ghosts stories of girls loving girls
turned our skin curious,

just how does silk feel against silk?

i woke this morning with the sensory memory
of your taste on my tongue. you stared at me.

it is hard for me to look you in the face now
that i have moaned your name in my dreams.